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Sponsor a Program: Donations needed for kids! Donations Needed For Children's Hospital Care Packages : Care Packages for Sick Children,

Imagine being stuck in the hospital, without anything fun to help you pass the time. Now imagine you're a little kid.

Every year, millions of sick children are hospitalized. Many of these kids are from low-income families, where the parents are struggling just to pay medical bills. These families often can't afford luxuries for their kids like toys, games and reading material.

With nothing fun to play with, sick children in hospital can spend most of their waking hours staring at walls and sterile medical equipment, when they're not undergoing painful treatments. And boredom can turn into depression, which can lessen the chances that these children will eventually recover from illness, and leave the hospital.

When you create a care package for sick children in hospitals, you give them a reason to smile!

Ready to make a difference in the life of a sick child?

Things to Keep in Mind

Toys, stuffed animals, reading material and other items for donation should be clean and in good condition. If it's a game, make sure all he necessary parts are included and it's in good working order. The packages are generally given to young children, so keep that in mind and choose appropriate items for your care package. DO NOT donate items that require batteries, which will eventually run out.You can include fun toys, a copy of your favorite paperback book, pens and notepads, magazines, crayons, pencil crayons, coloring books, Tooth Brush.Tooth Paste,Lotion,Comb.Brush,Bar Soap, and so On... Thank You For your Support!

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